Carissa Byers: Chinese Acrobats

Mar 31, 2008 8:44:51 PM

Chinese Acrobats You might have already heard this story in its circle around the news wires, but I was recently asked by Richard McClure (who's website features my photos) to shoot them to help promote their show. Chinese Acrobats They came here promised a 9 month US tour. And then,
"Their promoter, Gary Tullberg, has said he ran out of money and asked the Union Gospel Mission homeless shelter in Dallas to take them in. The young acrobats, many of whom had worked for years to get to perform in this country, spoke little or no English. They stayed in two homeless shelters for two days until Mr. Terranova, an animal trainer who had worked with the troupe last year, heard about their plight and took the team into his home.

Now Mr. Terranova and the troupe's agent, Gui Ming Meng, who also performs with the team, are trying to improvise the rest of their U.S. tour." ---Dallas Morning News

Chinese Acrobats The shows are absolutely incredible. I went backstage and proved I have negative skills when it comes to speaking Chinese. Photographing people without being able to talk to them is a humorous experience. Doug, who has taken them in, is one of the kindest souls and appears to have picked up quickly. I suppose being surrounded by 18 Chinese kids helps. omg! So I pointed to different things and asked them what they were for. Most, it seemed, were for balancing on your head. Peace They are a cheery bunch despite their situation. Talented beyond belief. So, let's keep them in business while they are here in our country. You won't be giving for charity, you'll be giving because THEY ARE SO GOOD I CAN'T STAND IT. Donations can be sent to the Chinese Acrobat Fund, American National Bank of Texas, P.O. Box 40, Terrell, Texas 75160-0040. Contributions also may be made in person at any American National Bank of Texas branch. Click here to see more photos.

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