WILD RELEASE ALERT: David Foox offers the world The Elemental Badgers

Feb 27, 2010 1:13:00 AM

Picture 92

Impossible to Resist! David Foox shows the world his new vinyls titled "The Elemental Badgers".

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FOOX: Chaos Monster

Dec 6, 2009 10:53:36 AM

Someone please buy me this, it's my birthday.

Picture 26 

and this is cute especially in the army lot

Picture 27

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KUNG FOOX Collective: See ya 8-8-08 :)

Jun 15, 2008 8:54:49 PM

Hello All,

Summer is here!

As most of you web-savvy surfers can tell, it's time for a blog overhaul. Time to let our design skills shine and open our pocket books to a better interface with more bells whistles and functionality. So without boring you lot too much, it's time to put our blog-voice into cryo-freeze with a thawing out date of August 8th 2008.

From now till then bon voyage - we promise our new look and feel will be fabrolicous (remember that word?), new members to introduce online, and new stories, sketches, and artwork from our current resident artists. So mark the date on your calendars and count down the seconds till we see you again in August.

For me personally, I have a few projects that NEED 100% commitment to achieve my vision and aside from coordinating the launch of our new blog, I want to tuck myself away into a painting corner and work on creating these paintings I have dreamed of long enough.

Thanks being here for us - and cant wait to show you our new look in August.

Over 'n Out!

David Foox and the
Kung Foox Collective

PS: I hope my summer is a little like this intro to Magnum P.I. :)

And a great segway into SUMMER HOLIDAYS! never stop drawing!

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Kerian Babbitt: Tiger Scratchboard

Jun 13, 2008 12:06:25 PM

Well, sorry I haven't been blogging much. I have
finally purchased my first home and have my own art
studio now! So now, I'll be able to yammer on like a
fool at my leisure.
I have launched my new website It
encompasses all that I do as an artist in both fine
arts and graphic design. You'll be able to see and buy
my scratchboard prints, which are pretty realistic.
I'm big into animals... as well as see and buy my
original art, if it's not already posted with my good
friends at the Foox Collective.
 I also do graphic design and illustrations for just
about anything, but that's a whole notha animal. I
promise not to get Kinkade on you. You'll never see my
ART on Glade candles. You might, however, see some
graphic design work. There's a fine line between
graphic designer and art whore. I'm trying to stay
away from art whore as much as possible.
Anyway, go check it out, it's very cool.

Ps. I'm gonna start posting some art I've got in the
works. I'm trying to get a little more pop-surrealist
and less fine art without losing myself in the
process. Let me know what ya think.

Tiger scratchboard

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Aunia Kahn: Fotography NOT Fur

Apr 20, 2008 5:04:20 PM

I am a vegetarian and an HUGE animal rights activist. I stand strong is the belief that animals nor humans should never be tortured. Moreover skinning an animal and wearing it is only cruel but unnecessary. They now have synthetic fur to fill the needs of those who want to wear fur and be cruelty free. I orchestrated this image and message above with my good friend and fellow photographer Parascythe to help show how I feel about the subject.


My belief is that we can most certainly change the world view of animals and how they are treated by getting the word out there. So many people don’t understand where fur comes from because they don’t think about it. We buy items in the store of aesthetic purpose and most times don’t think about how such items are attained or made. I know I did not until years ago I saw my first ad against fur. Let this be your wakeup call.




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