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June 2009

Colorado, USA

Jun 16, 2009 9:25:30 AM









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FOOX: Where is my soap box?

Jun 15, 2009 9:12:08 AM

My friend and film maker John Mattiuzzi sent me this short trailer regarding the food industry. It's two minutes long and quite interesting. I was surprised to discover that the average supermarket has over 40,000 different products! That's HUMONGOUS!

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FOOX: ORGAN DONORS Complete Sets are SOLD OUT (Individuals and trays still available)

Jun 8, 2009 9:05:14 AM

Individual Units

ORGAN DONORS Complete Sets are SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COMPLETE SETS ARE SOLD OUT. If anyone wants a COMPLETE SET OF ALL 24 ORGAN DONORS please let me know and I will put you on the waiting list and as one becomes available you can either pass or buy no pressure no sweat, but at least let me know you wanna be on the waiting list.

email: kungfoox [at] gmail [dot] com subject: COMPLETE SET

But we still have INDIVIDUAL BOXES, SPECIAL REQUESTS, and TRAYS available.

David Foox

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FOOX: Weekly Roundup (June 2009 v1)

Jun 8, 2009 2:04:47 AM

This weekly roundup is going to be quite broad since I jump from place to place. Hope it is fun for you to read/view images!

Picture 4

First up, Heidi Greenwood of Australia (YUCK!) but living in Montreal is a super talented music obsessed and extremely talented young photographer. Her specialty is quirky music based photographs that really seem to capture the attention of her colorfully dressed crew. (ThoseWallsYourEars)

I can't remember if I posted THIS video already or not... But this BoingBoing post says the same thing. Create the problem, provide the solution. Cigarettes cause disease, health insurers would not have any business without the cigarettes! Am I the only one seeing the drama here?

Picture 8

Not done with the heavy topics. This print by my all time favorite artist Shepard Fairey. It is called "Defiant Youth". OMG Posters!

Picture 9
Proteus Blog covered this "artist of the day" named Tony Fiztpatrick. I think this work is beautiful.

And today is Edwin Ushiro's birthday. An artist from California whose work I enjoy. I saw a show of his at Beau LeBass' former gallery and it was all sold out and very very beautiful.

And just for fun, this video:

And my new obsession, "Like Cool" with posts on flying cars, magnetic cars, and the future in general...

Picture 10

Another find from Like Cool. If you know the iPhone slide mechanism then the iPanties make sense. :)

Picture 11

Denver based artist designed t-shirt "I like naps" is EXACTLY what I like.

Picture 13

ToysREvil showcased the new Crimson Cobra Commander out just in time for the new movie GI Joe.

Picture 14


The Horrors

Picture 15

Picture 16

And Ray Kurzweil illustrates the next level of Virtual Reality.

A shift to a Group Mind, a form of Group Consciousness.


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FOOX: Question Reality - Why Not?

Jun 3, 2009 10:09:41 AM

My good friend and mad scientist, M.G., sent this video to me. For me this is just another manifestation of the madness brought on by impossibly fast technological progression. However, it's entertaining and whoever does his costume wardrobe should get a reward and help me dress too!

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